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  #1 Old 06-12-2016, 06:06 PM
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Default Cops Now Using a New Device Allowing them to Steal Cash From Innocent Citizens Like an ATM

As if civil asset forfeiture, where police can seize your property without having to prove you actually committed a crime, wasnt contentious enough already, a new device allows the Oklahoma Highway Patrol to steal money directly from your bank account on the spot.

And its already in use.

The Electronic Recovery and Access to Data Machine, known by the acronym ERAD, can scan your bank account and prepaid cards, giving OHP instant access to the balance and the funds if a trooper believes the money is tied to a crime. OHP rolled out 16 ERAD devices in May, and unsurprisingly, has already employed the technology.

You dont even have to be charged with a crime to be a victim of these badge-wearing armed robbers which makes OHPs new ERAD device an astonishing prospect.

Were gonna look for different factors in the way that youre acting, Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. John Vincent told local News 9. Were gonna look for if theres a difference in your story. If theres some way that we can prove that youre falsifying information to us about your business.

What Vincent seems to be saying is OHP will try its damnedest to find a reason to rob you at gunpoint.

If you can prove that you have a legitimate reason to have that money it will be given back to you. And weve done that in the past, Vincent added.

This reasoning turns the very concept of innocent until proven guilty on its head. And State Sen. Kyle Loveless said cases where police abused this new system have already come to light, including single mothers, a cancer survivor who had their medication seized, a Christian band, and a number of other completely innocent people.

Weve seen where the money goes and how its misspent, Loveless said.

In fact, this is intensified policing for profit. News 9 obtained a copy of the contract between the state and ERAD Group, Inc., which shows Oklahoma paying $5,000 for the software and scanners, then 7.7 percent of all the cash the highway patrol seizes.

But law enforcement obstinately claims this isnt about the money.

I know a lot of people are just going to focus on the seizing money, Vincent stated the obvious. Thats a small thing thats happening now. The largest part that we have found the biggest benefit has been the identity theft, he added without further explanation.

Controversy over civil asset forfeiture (CAF) surrounds the fact law enforcement is under no obligation to prove the property it seizes could in any way be tied to criminal activity. Once police have your property, most departments are free to essentially divvy it up amongst themselves.

Countless cases dot headlines around the country evidence thousands of innocent people as victims of this financial terrorism perpetrated by the government. Police even managed to seize $53,000 from a Christian band, an orphanage, and a church.

Earlier this year, one of the creators of CAF tellingly called for the program to be abolished and though it was briefly suspended, the Dept. of Justice allowed CAF to resume in April.

Sen. Loveless feels a conviction should be necessary for police to seize money using ERAD, and plans to introduce legislation.

If I had to err on the side of one versus the other, I would err on the side of the Constitution, he explained. And I think thats what we need to do.

Lets invit them on Crader.site

Link http://www.activistpost.com/2016/06/...-citizens.html
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There is a drain drops. Indonesia. States, Ukraine, Russia.
Bay or cache the staf, the output of the chops.
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that is bad ,but now cops too joins forum
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  #4 Old 06-24-2016, 09:37 AM
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i tray to find out what is the device that they are using
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