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Default Paypal Transfers Guide

Im not sure if anyone has posted this yet but i have learned so much from this forum i want to contribute.

What do you need?


|Breaking down our required items|

(FirstName|LastName|CCNumber|CVV2|EXP|ADDRESS|ZIP| CITY|STATE|PHONE) -> Ideal format. Make sure its not linked to a PayPal account (PayPal Checker uniccshop.ru, $0.50/card) make sure the card is AVS (Address Verification System), you always see others selling non-avs but in this case, your card needs to be AVS. Make sure its valid. Business and Corporate cards are highly recommended, same with elders.

- Socks5
Best one is honestly from vip72.asia, its about $25-40 a month, you want to get the package that has 250+ countries or there is an unlimited one as well, either or they will have the packages you need. Socks5 is to make sure we connect to the city, state of our victims ccv so we can act as if they are making the purchase.

- Firefox
Simple browser, google it. Make sure you go to settings and clear your history every time you use a CCV, whether it went through or didnt go through you always need a clean slate. Google Chrome and IE will fail you will get an error, stick to Firefox.

- PayPal Account
Self-explanatory you will need a cash out account, I have a separate guide that shows you what different methods of cashing out and how to get a certain account, should be in my store.
Every card will not go through, not matter every step you take in making sure it is linked to PayPal, has funds, AVS verified etc. PayPal is one of the trickiest companies in the industry because there is so much fraud, but theyre still stupid.

|How to complete the transfer w/PayPal|
Login to your PayPal account where you want your funds received, go to Merchant Services and click on Create payment buttons for your website then click Create Button next will be the simple part, customize everything to your creativity.
The two main buttons we want to use are Buy Now and Donations which everyone one you choose, make the donation organization name legit and the item legit as well.
All you need to do on this page is choose a button time, fill in item name or donation name, price, and merchant account IDs select Use my primary email address and create button. After you create your button it will bring you a page where it says Add your button code to your webpage youre not going to add anything instead youre going to scroll down where there are two codes Website and Email select email and paste that link into your URL and start carding/completing the transfer entering in ccv details.
Now thats it, transfer complete, this can be done with any account. The price you put will be dependent on how much you want each transfer to come through as, stay below 500 even if you know your card limit.

|How to complete the transfer w/PayHip|
Create an account via www.payhip.com add your PayPal email to your Payhip account, add an ebook and upload a document as your eBook, set the price to how much ever you want to card per card, PayHip does take a percentage so keep in mind, I normally card $250/transaction so my eBook is at $270 because of fees etc. Hop on your socks5 and connect to the city of where your ccv is and grab the link to your eBook and start carding.
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Thx for yur tut man they are realy useful
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feel free to deal with him,he is verified
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Im a bit confused here with 2 parts of that first when you make your button for email youve put to paste it into the url ? Arent you meant to send it in email ? And with payhip you can charge $250 for an ebook and it doesnt flag the account ?
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Helper i sent you a pm. I need help
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guide, paypal, transfers

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